The special competence of the Solicitors Frenzl · Voigt results from their long-standing support throughout Germany for domestic and foreign clients in the financial and property sectors and property management companies in connection with shopping centres. They concentrate mainly on consultation, development and permanent adjustment of commercial rental contracts on the basis of current case law and the actual developments, and negotiating such contracts with the legal departments of interested tenants. The Solicitors Frenzl Voigt give special attention to the training of employees of property management companies and employers. Where necessary, we represent landlords throughout Germany in court cases before the responsible labour courts (Arbeitsgericht), district courts (Landgericht), regional labour courts (Landesarbeitsgericht) and higher district courts (Oberlandesgericht). A further emphasis in our work is building law in connection with road construction and the refurbishment of shopping centres. Constant exchange of knowledge and experience at specialist seminars, conferences etc. guarantees rapid and innovative solutions in the interest of the client.